Thursday, September 01, 2005

Leader's Journey

Comecei a ler um livro chamado "The leader's Journey", segue abaixo algumas observações feitas sobre o capítulo 1.

On page 5, the author says something like the pastoral community is in trouble, because they are “falling” in the same mistakes of the community. I agree with this because it is fact, and when I speak the word fact, what I mean is that this is truly happening. Even though it is a fact, we can never forget the necessity of Pastor’s accountability or a Pastor to pastorate other pastors in order to have a better leader in the community.
A Pastor is not a super human; he is a person equal to any other person of the congregation, with only one difference he has to support a burden over his shoulders bigger than any other person at the congregation.

The author leads the readers to a deep travel in to his heart. It is very true that we are reluctant to changes and turnings. Maybe because is part of our nature as it is blame others for our failures. But when we overcome our fear of changing we can look to the situation and see that changing our behavior may little by little change what surrounds us. This is the main point on page 8.

The answer found by the authors for pastor’s lack of spirituality and abundant life is in the challenge of transformation. A deep transformation that involves three aspects of a life lived as a disciple of Christ. First of all, is to understand that something needs to change inside, coming from the heart. And this change leads toward a growing obedience to Christ. Secondly, as a community, the people will need to be graceful and truthful with one another, in order of having confidence among parties, community and leaders. And thirdly, never underestimate spiritual disciplines, on the contrary, have it as a very important daily moment with Christ. Making Jesus a “dynamic, ongoing presence every moment we live” (page 12).

Rodrigo Serrão

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