Monday, April 18, 2005

Thanks be to God. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Abaixo eu transcrevo a carta do meu professor de tantas disciplinas, entre elas, Grego e Hermenêutica, para os estudantes que se graduam agora em Maio. Seu nome é Dr. Maltsberger.
Carta que ao ler, me deu vontade de chorar!!!


This week you are sending to me your final Critical Book Review on Leonard Sweet's book, Summoned to Lead, and finishing your Exit Interviews with one of the Deans.

Congratulations. You have made it. It has been, for most of you, a long, long road. A journey filled with difficulty and sacrifice. By faith, and the grace of God, you have completed this step in your life's calling. Most of you have an idea where you think you are headed from here. Some of you are still listening to hear. All of you are willing to respond as you hear God's voice.

There is an old Spanish Proverb that says, "Dios escribe recto con renglones torcidos" (God writes straight with crooked lines). The lines of calling, direction, and God's will are often crooked--but they are always "recto"--straight, upright, direct. Sometimes you will see and hear them clearly. Sometimes, only the "still small voice" will call. At other times, God will speak only in His thundering silence and you will have to decide what His will is in the silence.

Often, you will be confident in your decision. At other times, you will, perhaps for years, struggle to know if you made the right choice. Always, if you are willing, you may rest and trust in His grace and mercy no matter what decision is made. His love--which I do not think we examine profoundly enough nor often enough--is wide enough to embrace even your wrong decisions and to craft "rectitud" (rightness), from even the most difficult of situations. Maintaining your trust in His loving and abiding presence, even in the silence, is the key.

Your school has said that as graduates, you are now "trained" in some aspects of ministry and leadership. You are. And you are not. You are and the community of faith will look to you for direction and guidance. It is an awesome responsibility, but God has trust that you are able to guide His people.

You "are not" in that your education must never end. The day you stop reading, listening, asking, and learning is the day your ministry will effectively end. To end your education is to say that you have reached perfection. You know that not to be the case. Always seek out those resources and individuals that can help you on your journey. Some will be Believers. Others will not yet be. Some may never be. You are wise enough to burn off the dross and keep the gold.

The Faculty of BUA and I take great pride in seeing you graduate. You are the investment of our lives and ministries. Your victories will be celebrated by us, your pains wept over by us, your triumphs will sing in our hearts. We will watch your progress with joy, and we pray for each of you God's unbounded blessings. And, should the need arise, we will be available to you if you call.

You are the hands and voice of the Magnalia Dei, the Mighty Acts of God. You are the living evidence of His Kerygma. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.

Thanks be to God. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


Thank you professor Dr. Maltsberger for your words.
May God keep blessing you in your journey as professor and archeologist. May His peace be with you in every moment of doubt or tribulation.
In His name

Rodrigo Serrão

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