Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My personal plans for now and for the future


Where you are now?

I’m student at Truett Seminary (first semester). I am member of Great Hills Baptist Church and teach Sunday School Class for Portuguese speakers. I’m 27 years old. I have two bachelors’ degrees, one in Accounting and other in Biblical and Theological Studies (the first one from a Brazilian Federal University, and the second from an American Private University)

What you want (priorities in all areas of your life)?

I want to honor God. I want complete my academic studies with a Doctor’s degree. I also want to serve the Lord and His people in someway. My passion is teaching. I also love to preach. Mission is something very interesting to me as well, especially overseas.
I want to have balance in all areas of my life. Know how to balance ministry, family and other duties of life is not an easy task.
Regarding to family, I want to get married, and have children. I want to help my mom and dad also in whatever they need.
I want be disciplined with my spiritual life. Maybe this is my biggest struggle.
I also want to help others through the gifts that God gave and still giving me.

Why you want this?

These goals of life will make my life very dynamic. Acting toward the pursuit of my goals, will give a sense to my life. I will know where I want to go, and I will look forward to find the best path to achieve it. Achieving these goals, I will love more and more, God, His people, my family and my life. I will become a realized person, whose needs are not only materials but especially spiritual and emotional. And in response to this lifestyle, people that cross my way, will be blessed and bless me and will love me and I will love them.

When you will know when you have reached the mission?

I will know when my goals become concrete. Right now, I only have the goals and the desire. But as the time is passing and I keep walking day by day toward the accomplishment of the aim, then, I will know that I have reached the mission.

On a plan of action?

It sounds hard to me to do this, because some of my goals were not projected to be reached by plans, but by the normal process of life.
But there is a part of my vision that can be done by plan.
About my studies, my plan is to keep on track, always studying hard and getting good grades in order to have always financial resources available to me. Otherwise, I cannot pay for my studies.
About my ministry, my plan is to show my gifts and talents in what concerns to teach the Word of God. Of course my academic degrees will launch me in the academic area, if I look for it.
About my family, my plan is to wait until my girlfriend comes to USA and live here, so I can see that God is providing ways for us to get together. If she does not come, I have not figured out a different plan.
About my parents, my plan is to always help them financially and spiritually, when they need so.


Of all the things I’ve ever done, what was I doing when I was the happiest?

Studying, learning and then applying the knowledge to my speeches and sermons. I remember how scared I was when I’d try to preach the Word without the knowledge. Sometimes I even did not know what I was talking about. I used to say what others had already said. But when I started thinking by myself and discerning the Word, I felt very happy.

In order of preference, what are the 5 things I would enjoy doing in the future?

Preaching throughout the world the Word of God;
Teaching the Word of God in a Seminary or University or both;
Being a good husband;
Being a good father;
Have my own business.

These are the reasons I am not doing those things now…

Preaching and doing missions - I am not involved with global missions, because right now I’m focusing my life in my education.
Teaching - I am giving baby steps toward that. Today, I’m Sunday school teacher for Brazilians in an American church. To achieve this goal I have to first complete my education.
Be a husband - I am not married yet.
Be a father - I do not have children yet.
Own a business - I do not have financial means to do that today. This would be for a further future.

If nothing changes and I continue doing what I am doing today, where will I be in five years?

I will be finishing my Master’s Degree, and hopefully getting everything done for my Ph.D. I also will hopefully be married and “pregnant”. And have a paid position in a church.


Write down your goals. You should write down a goal for each of the six areas of your life (areas of life: Work, Family, Social, Physical, Mental and Spiritual)

Work – my primary goal is to be a good minister.
Not only in knowledge, but mainly in built relationship. Showing Jesus through not only what I speak, but mainly through what I live.
Have fun in it. Understanding that more than a job my work is a call. Do not allowing that worries and concerns of ministry take my focus and my passion for the people of God, the work of God and for God Himself.
Contribute positively to the growth of my church and be committed to the discipleship of those new born Christians, making them true Disciples of Christ and baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
Be always renewing my skills and training myself to understand the constantly altering of our society. Understanding that I will have a hard work of teaching a never changing message to an always changing people.

Family – my goals in this area are:
Have my family as the most important “thing” in my life after God. They are my first flock, my first disciples, and my first ministry. Right now I know that I do not have the best view about family because I do not have one, but when God gives me one, I want to have them as precious treasure.
Establish a good environment for trustiness and confidence. Be transparent about my feeling and desires. Be open to listen, to learn, to teach and to correct if it’s necessary.
Be committed with my future children education, provision and love. Teaching them what God has as valuable. Do not hesitate in giving hard correction with love and kindness.
Spend time with my wife, renewing our vows every once and a while. Do not allow that the stress of the day, interfere in our relationship. Programming activities for me and my wife only, as well as, for the whole family.

Social – my goals are:
Love people. Relate with them. Worry about them. Get out of my comfort zone to reach some of their needs.
Have friends, be honest with them. Show them who I am as man. I also require honesty from them. No such things as super believer or superior just because I’m Pastor.
Do not be interested in people only because they could be potential Christians, but instead, love all people in general, being a witness of Christ’s love.
Being involved with the community, trying to participate in all special events.

Physical – my goals are:
Respect my body. Do exercising, illness preventions. Sleep every night between 7 to 8 hours per night. Know my physical boundaries. Avoid things that will put my health and life into risk.

Mental – my goals are:
Avoid anxiety. Be always exercising my mind with good readings and thinking goods thoughts. Have a plan for skills development.

Spiritual – my goals are:
Have a spiritual disciplined life. Help others to grow spiritually as well.

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Adriana Simoes said...

Oi minha benção!!

Eu estava dando uma olhada em tudo que vc escreveu, sem dúvidas conseguirás obter esta qualidade de vida tão abençoada que almejas, estas plantando hoje para colher amanhã, debaixo do amor e orientação de Deus.
Muitas coisas você já é, por questão de vontade podes querer aperfeiçoar, és inteligente, dedicado e muito esforçado. Um servo temente a Deus, uma pessoa que cuida da vida espiritual que ama servir ao Senhor e fazer Suas obras. Um excelente filho que só tem dado alegrias aos pais, que está sempre disposto a ajudar, assim como a seus irmãos, não és casado, mas, como namorado, atesto que és maravilhoso, uma benção na minha vida, onde tenho aprendido muito com você mesmo de longe, não és pai, porém, presenciei o carinho que tens pelas tuas sobrinhas, como o titio Digo é querido, e vi também que quando visitamos dois bebês você demonstrou muito afeto, com isso percebe-se que quando Deus der teus filhos, serás um excelente pai. Quanto a sua vida social não se têm palavras, você sabe conquistar e impor respeito, querido por todos. E em relação aos seus projetos, verifica-se que no tempo de Deus eles estão se realizando, sua graduação, agora seu mestrado e breve o seu doutorado. Eu gostaria de comentar muito mais, mas, é muita coisa você sabe que sou nova no inglês, eu não iria nem postar meu comentário em português, mas, resolvi fazê-lo assim.

Rodrigo, deixo aqui toda a minha admiração, carinho e amor, intercedo diariamente por você e desejo que sejas sempre essa pessoa linda, por fora e por dentro que és, continue lutando meu amor, a sua vitória tem sido conquistada por partes, e eu agradeço a Deus por poder está acompanhado tudo mesmo de longe, mas, com você sempre no meu coração.

Deus te abençoe


Adriana Simões ( Drizinha)